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How Does Dental Tourism Work?

1.Contact Form

Fill out our application form or contact us by e-mail and tell us about the requirements and details that are related to your dental problem. Please provide the following information

– Date and time of your arrival.

– Number of days of stay.

– Report from your dentist (if possible)

– Remember: We have other specialities such as aesthetic medicine or physiotherapy.

2. Receive our answer

We will contact you within 24 hours. Providing you with the details of:

– Accommodation in our best hotels.

– Destinations you want to visit (Our Clinic is 200m away from Real Madrid Stadium «Santiago Bernabeu» and other interesting places to visit.

– Details about meeting with the dentist.

3. Confirmation

We will wait for your confirmation e-mail or phone call. Please let us know if you need to cancel the trip for any reason.

4. Your Arrival

Welcome to Spain! As soon as you land, our personal driver will be waiting for you and transport you to the hotel.

5. Enjoy Spain and Our Clinic

Live this fantastic experience! You will be astonished by our country’s variety of food, sightseeing, weather, museums and an excellent nightlife!


The Best Experience Ever
«I was looking for a dental implant but I was astonished when I saw all the preparation of this tour. They found me a very nice hotel next to the clinic, best restaurants in the city and sightseeings. They even bought me tickets to watch a match in Santiago Bernabeu Stadium. It was deffinetively worth it.»

Chris Jones
Travel Blogger

Dental Treatment Prices

One of the main reasons why people decide to travel abroad for dental treatments is the price. Following section will copare our prices with the average of each country

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Contact Form

Where are we?

St. Marceliano Santa María, 11, 28036, Madrid

  Santiago Bernabéu

    L43,L120/Lima – Santiago Bernabéu